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  • Activision Indie Contest Rules Dissection
  • 21/06/2010

    Tom Buscaglia (The Game Attorney) has posted some thoughts on the rules and regulations governing the Activision Indie Game contest we highlighted a couple of weeks ago.

  • Add GIMP to your toolbox!
  • 16/06/2010

    Do you need a better drawing program? GIMP is a free open source paint application that compares nicely to Photoshop but without the price tag.

  • How To Use And Abuse The Gaming Press...
  • 15/06/2010

    ...And How The Gaming Press Wants To Use and Abuse You.This is a superb article by UK gaming press veteran Kieron Gillen.

  • Gamezebo article on casual pricepoints
  • 15/06/2010

    Where have all the good games gone?GameZebo ran a great article at the start of the month discussing the changing market for casual games:"Over the past couple of months, it has become painfully clear to me and many of you at Gamezebo that the quality and quantity of download games is dropping.

  • Add Wings 3D to your toolbox!
  • 14/06/2010

    Wings 3D is a free, open source and easy-to-use 3D modelling tool perfect for low poly mesh generation.

  • Free GDC Vault Indie Articles
  • 14/06/2010

    The various Game Developers Conference events that take place each year are a source of great articles and discussions about all aspects of game design and production.

  • DIYGamer: Where Indie Ends, Mainstream Begins
  • 07/06/2010

    DIY Gamer posted a great article over the weekend about how the term Indie is defined and used."the definition of the term “indie” is a bit muddled and difficult to decipher.

  • Add Open Office to your toolbox!
  • 04/06/2010

    It’s not the most glamorous of jobs but sooner or later we all need to write a document.

  • Activision launches $175k Indie competition
  • 04/06/2010

    Activision has announced that they are running a competition to look for new, aspiring indie development talent.

  • We got nominated for a Develop Award!
  • 04/06/2010

    We've just found out that we've been nominated for a 'Business Development' award at the prestigious Develop Awards that will be taking place in Brighton this summer.