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How To Use And Abuse The Gaming Press...

...And How The Gaming Press Wants To Use and Abuse You.

This is a superb article by UK gaming press veteran Kieron Gillen. The article covers the press history behind indie developer Introversion and throws in some invaluable life lessons along the way. Originally posted way back in 2005, it’s still every bit as true today and certainly worth a read.

"the gaming press would kill for a Rock Star developer."

"The secret is that we actually want to write about you. When someone has a phenomenal amount of work to do before the nineteen day clock ticks down to deadline, anyone able to present them something interesting to fill their pages saves them an amount of work. While games writers try to stay aware of what’s happening in the games scene, and will go after anything that attracts their attention, by going after the games press you hugely increase your chance for favourable coverage."


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