Recognize These Two Tells for Better Luck at the Poker Table

Poker is an unusual casino game. In poker, you’re allowed to talk to your opponents. Many of the best poker players have practiced saying nothing and showing no obvious physical habits that other players can observe and use to judge their reactions to their cards. Other players use a constant stream of chatter to unnerve their opponents and goad them into making bets and folding when they normally wouldn’t. If you’ve ever wished you could identify obvious signals, often called tells, that other players make, and understand what they mean, you’re in luck. Many tells can be learned with just a little observation and patience. Poker players are still people, and people have nervous habits that are hard for them to hide, no matter how valuable for them it would be to do so. Here are three easy ways to spot a tell on a poker opponent.
Changes in Tone of Voice
Gauging other people’s tone of voice can be hard, but it’s worth a try. It’s easier to keep track of one opponent at a time, so concentrate on one person for many hands until you detect a pattern developing, then move on to the next. It’s not a person’s tone of voice you’re analyzing. It’s changes in the tone of voice that matter. If you notice a normally quiet player laughing and joking around all of a sudden, pay close attention to the hand that they put down at the end. It may even be worth it to call simply to see it. If a friendly player suddenly gets tight-lipped and has rigid body language, it’s a sign that something has changed, and you should try to correlate it with the type of hand they end up showing.
Betting Motions
Detecting changes in the betting motions of poker players might be the easiest way to find a tell for good or bad hands from another player. That’s partially because there are so many separate bets in an entire evening of poker. If a player is quiet, it can be hard to hear enough of what they say to determine any sort of pattern in their speech in time to act on it. Betting happens constantly, so you’ll be able to accumulate a big sample size to analyze. Match the way that chips get thrown or pushed into the center of the table to the cards that they ultimately show. One of the easiest ways to get a tell on a player is to compare their in-game bets to how they ante. Everyone has their guard down when they ante, and bets made with the same lack of care mean the player is confident in their hand, and isn’t trying to make a big show like they would for a bluff.
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