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Monkey Pole Climb


RRP: £5.99

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  • Players: 1
  • Release date: Out Now

  • Game Info

  • Help the monkeys retrieve bananas stolen by Heston the gorilla. Steer magic balloons as they fall and guide the monkeys up their poles. Play subgames, score bonuses and win medals. Monkey Pole Climb is a game like no other, addictive and totally original.

    • Green balloons make monkeys climb up, red makes them climb down. 
    • Try to get them all to the tops of their poles at the same time!
    • Unique gameplay
    • Hand-drawn cartoon animations
    • Original score by
    • 100 levels of jungle action
    • 2 Subgames featuring fruit and frogs
    • 40 devious medal tasks
  • Minimum Settings:

  • Operating Systems: xp, vista, windows 7

    Processor: 350MHz

    Memory (RAM): 128M

    Hard Disk Space: 20M

    Graphics Card: a DirectX certified video card

    Sound Card: a DirectX certified sound card

    Other Requirements: a keyboard and a mouse

  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Anthill Games
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