Blitz 1UP

Giving indie developers a boost


  • Distribution
  • Our ever-increasing list of distribution partners means that we can help you reach the biggest audience for your game.
  • Design and platform guidance
  • With considerable industry experience Blitz 1UP can offer impartial advice on how to maximize your game's appeal and target the best platforms.
  • PR
  • Our dedicated PR team can help you maximise sales.
  • Development resources
  • We can help you with any discipline from programming, art and animation to audio & QA.
  • Networking
  • With a massive industry-wide network of contracts, we can introduce you to many partners, including outsourcers, developers, publishers and distributors.
  • Funding
  • Limited funding is available.
  • QA, compatibility & localisation
  • We can help to make your game rock-solid, compatible and localised into all major languages.

What is an indie game?

Independent games (often abbreviated to ‘indie games’) is used to describe independence from major videogame publishing companies and an autonomous, 'DIY' approach to development and distribution.

What is an indie label?

Independent labels strive for minimal influence on the developers they represent, and generally aim to avoiding the commercial approach of many major publishers. Developers represented by Independent labels usually focus more on producing great games than satisfying share holders.

As one of the world's largest leading independent developers, Blitz Games Studios has launched the Blitz 1UP programme to help smaller teams get their game to market.

Blitz 1UP can offer support all the way from concept to submission. The scheme currently has limited availability for qualifying developers.

For more information on becoming a Blitz Games Studios partner contact us at: .

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