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  • Players: MMO RTS
  • Release date: Out Now

  • Game Info

  • The Real Time Strategy game for up to 500 players! Be a marauder, a builder, a defender or a diplomat. Battle as a futuristic pirate and dominate the islands of a watery world.

    Build massive fleets, sail the seas (watching out for whirlpools, giant squid and pirates!) and settle or conquer new islands.

    Deploy Specials to sink entire fleets, erupt volcanoes or summon a lightning strike.

    Revel in a climatic End Game: beware mammoth ships that appear alongside submarines launching ancient nuclear tipped missiles.

    Paid purchase includes 2500 in-game Doubloons.

  • Minimum Settings:

  • Operating Systems: xp, vista, Windows 7

    Processor: Speed 1.6GHz Intel or AMD processor

    Memory (RAM): RAM 1GB

    Hard Disk Space: Space 1GB

    Graphics Card: Graphics 256MB memory, vertex & pixel shaders 2.0 or higher

    Other Requirements: Screen 1024 x 768 min resolution, web connection

  • PC
  • Nice Technology Ltd
  • Developers

  • Nice Technology develops and self publishes multiplayer online games and virtual worlds using its proprietary technology, AliceServer.

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