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  • A Brief History Of Social Games
  • 27/05/2010

    Jon Randoff has posted an excellent poster showing the history of social gaming.In his own words:"Social games aren’t new–they’re just games you play with other people.

  • Developer Stories: Airplay Adventures
  • 26/05/2010


  • Developer Stories: Binary Tweed
  • 26/05/2010

    I’d always been interested in video games – I wrote a program in Spectrum BASIC to print out the alphabet before I even knew the whole alphabet from start to finish (I believe I just typed the ones I didn’t know in the order they appeared on the keyboard).

  • Developer Stories: Regolith Games
  • 26/05/2010

    From Indie to IndieAndrew Docking reflects on how a mildly successful games developer can achieve a long-held ambition of programming while wearing pyjamas.

  • Developer Stories: Remode
  • 26/05/2010

    In The BeginningThe genesis of Remode can be traced back to when Andy Russell and Martin Darby were still studying at University of Plymouth on the Digital Art & Technology (DAT) BSc.