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Gamezebo article on casual pricepoints

Where have all the good games gone?

GameZebo ran a great article at the start of the month discussing the changing market for casual games:

"Over the past couple of months, it has become painfully clear to me and many of you at Gamezebo that the quality and quantity of download games is dropping. There are less download games being released each week, and of those that are released, many are just not good."

The article goes on to look at the price points for casual titles, how they are being squeezed by iPhone and Facebook and what sort of effect this is having on the casual market on PC:

"It does not take an economics degree to understand the numbers simply do not add up. If developers are making 2/3 less per game and the amount of games sold is not offsetting that drop, the only way for game developers to earn their return on investment is to spend less time and money producing each game."

A really great read for anyone considering getting into indie development of casual titles.


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