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DIYGamer: Where Indie Ends, Mainstream Begins

DIY Gamer posted a great article over the weekend about how the term Indie is defined and used.

"the definition of the term “indie” is a bit muddled and difficult to decipher. Does it refer to the style of the game, like hip-hop or rock with music, or does it refer to the conditions of the developer? Does it matter if they have a high-profile publisher with some major bankroll that can push their product to exceed normal limitations for a small company? All of these are good questions that, arguably, require different answers from situation to situation."

Over the last year we've had similar discussions with various developers, journalists and other 'industry' folks, this is well worth a read!

Source: DIY Gamer

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  • I'm gonna try and be a smart-ass and say the following ... no matter what the "correct" definition of that term is, no-one will stop me from developing more games :mrgreen:

    Posted by: codergames on June 10, 2010 15:33 GMT