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Add Open Office to your toolbox!

It’s not the most glamorous of jobs but sooner or later we all need to write a document. Open Office is a free, fully functional office suite perfect for writing up your game designs and creating pitch documents.

Writer: The equivalent of Microsoft Word. Includes spell checking, thesaurus and full formatting functionality.

Calc: The equivalent of Excel, store your game strings and text ready for translation.

Impress: Create slick looking power point presentations to help sell your game.

Base: Manipulate databases. Create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports.

Draw: Communicate with graphics and diagrams.

It's an essential tool. So, go get it and lets never speak of it again...

Now I feel dirty! So, here's something equally useful and utilitarian. An original gameboy made from soap, perfect for that friendly prison outing. Although, you'd think they'd make a gameboy that looks like a bar of soap rather than the other way around.

Yes, you can actually buy this!


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