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Activision launches $175k Indie competition

Activision has announced that they are running a competition to look for new, aspiring indie development talent. According to Dave Stohl, executive studio VP at Activision:

"This competition underscores our commitment to supporting the creative spirit and innovation of developers, I started my career as a software developer, so this opportunity is something I'm personally very proud to offer to the industry's young visionaries."

The competition seems to be taking place in two stages, with the submission stage starting now and running until August 31. Unfortunately there are no details right now of what the second stage will entail, but the competition finish date is set for October.

The winning entry will receive $175,000 to assist in further development of the game. The runner-up will receive $75,000 for the same purposes. Exact details of how you can spend the money and how tightly Activision will be looking to lock you in seem to be a bit thin on the ground however.

Design proposals will need to be submitted on no more than 10 sheets of A4, however you can also chuck in a video, or even a game demo if you have one, as long as the whole shebang comes in less than 100MB. Oh and don't forget to make sure that you document the demo fully.

You'll also need to include a budget estimate, team breakdown and development plan as well and they insist that the whole submission package should not exceed 20 sheets.

You can check out all of the information and register for the competition at Activision's corporate website here and see if you think it's worth applying for.

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