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Sonic fan remix - does this count as indie?

Remember when games featuring that fuzzy little blue ball named Sonic used to be good? Apparently, somebody does and they’re bringing it back to life in good ol’ indie fashion. The homebrew remix of Sonic’s Emerald Hills: Act 1 has now been released. You can play it!

We don’t know what Sega are going to think about this but certainly fan-made publicity can only be a good thing. Somebody give this man a job. Our personal thoughts on the game are something along the lines of: “Wow!”

The game was developed using Unity and we have to say: “Well done pelikan13, those are some sexy lookin’ pixels!”


You can grab the 98.3 meg download on the sonic research website, while it lasts.

If you're thick like us you may need to press 'Enter' on the number pad to get started...



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