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Pros and cons of viral marketing

Catching the Bug

Thom Dinsdale of Edge Online has posted a great article discussing both the potential benefits of viral marketing and its obvious pitfalls.

Thom Dinsdale (image from his blog)

Thom argues both sides of the story extremely well.



"On paper, the game industry is perfect for virals. Games have a well networked, highly net-savvy audience which consumes considerable amounts of content online. Further, they're celebrated by an expansive network of blogs and publishers which, mostly, are more than happy to distribute that content to their own audiences. This is fertile ground for spreading stuff. "

And against:

"... while the only direct cost incurred is that of producing the content the associated risks are much greater. The success of these projects is a black box from which no light can escape. It is a crap-shoot, hinging entirely on subjective variables, primarily quality of the content. If you're relying on owned assets such as a blog, Facebook or Twitter to release the content then you're also relying on the right people seeing it at the right time in order to share it at that critical volume required to make it go 'viral'."

The entire post is chock-full of great insights and interesting discussion points. If you're currently trying to figure out how to make your own game "go viral" then you could do a lot worse than spend five minutes reading this!


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