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Minecraft – building success, one block at a time

World of Minecrack?

We’ve been playing Minecraft, we’ve been dreaming Minecraft, we love Minecraft and we’re very pleased to hear about its success - and it’s not even out of Alpha!

In the past 24 hours the much loved Indie game has sold nearly 20,000 copies… And all we can say is “YEEEEHAW!”

Apparently sales were just over 4,000 copies per day (pretty awesome) when a payment server meltdown occurred last week. So rather than shut down the game, the developers just gave it away for free over the weekend. Thanks =)

So, everyone and their dog combined sticks with stones and headed out into the wonderfully blocky world of resource mining. Sales have since sky-rocketed. According to TEXYT the game is now selling an average of one copy every three seconds. If you want to know the dollar figures that’s a whopping $250,000 per day (at a price of €9.95). In fact, they quote sales for yesterday as having hit nearly 26,000 (that’s almost $350,000)!

"It all feels unreal. I thought I could make a living from the game, but I did not expect to become rich", Quote from Notch during an interview with IDG.

Minecraft’s popularity is unexpected but not undeserved. The game has been in development a long while, with regular updates every Friday. It’s a genre defining title, a bit like Lego, only not at all, a bit like an open world RPG but nothing like you’ve seen before. In single player the game is a blast, but open up a multiplayer server and you and your friends will be doomed to a lifetime of mining and wiki reading. If you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for?


We think Minecraft is a shining example of Indie game goodness. Go get it now! It’s available on PC, Mac and Linux from: here

And here are some excellent guide images from the minecraft wiki to get you started:



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