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Indie Game Time Machine - EYEMAZE

Every once in a while we see a browser game that really makes us think. There’s just something about it, either a mechanic or visual style, something that means it can’t be ignored - and yet time passes, the world moves on and we all seem to forget how great those games really were. But we, the great historians of indie gaming, want to remember...

So we covered an office chair in aluminium foil, duck-taped on some cardboard wings and silver-spray-painted Pringle tubes. We then hooked it up to a 500lb rocket and sent Dan, the intern, flying off the roof (he will be missed)… And then we built a time machine. You’d better get on because baby, when this thing hits 88 the Doc and I are off to Never Never Land! And by that we mean we're going to break free of the bonds of gravity and quite literally never land. Unless we crash or something. Or get bored. Or hungry...

The date is February 7, 2002 has just launched.

Grow ver3 is soon to win the Grand Prix and popular vote at the shockwave game contest and to become famous.

In March 2004 the site releases Tontie ver.0, a sweet whack-a-mole game played on your number keys.

More great games released each month until bam! March 16, 2007 Dwarf Complete (wow) followed closely in May 2007 by Grow Cube.


And the list goes on:
grow tower
grow cube
grow rpg
grow v3
grow v2
grow v1
grow nano v3
grow nano v2
grow nano v1
grow nano v0
grow tree off
grow valley
grow island
dwarf v0
galve v0
isora muku
tontie v1
pelpet v0
hatch v0
chronon v0
tontoko family v0
seek v0
applicate v0
meet in v0
silver tontie
solitaire v0
tontie1980 v0
tontoko tontie v0
movie puzzle v0
hatch today v0
vanilla v0
tontie v0

It’s time for you to make amends. There are so many eyemaze games and you owe it to yourself to go and play them (or play them again). Here are the keys to the Delorian, you’re drivin’!


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