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Indie game developer Nitrome - Super feedMe

Nitrome are an independent game development studio based in London. They make free flash games and work primarily on sponsorship and advertising royalties. This year alone they’ve made a number of unforgettable games including: Faultline and Tiny Castle.

"Nitrome are ultimately a bunch of games enthusiasts that have somehow managed to land in the privileged position of developing our own game ideas without too much of an outside influence. Or on a more basic level we make free browser games that we host on our own website."

Well, they’re also just about to release their first iPhone game and if their previous titles are anything to go by it should be a worthwhile purchase. The upcoming iPhone title “Super feedMe”, is a remake of an earlier game ”feedME” released all the way back in 2006 on miniclip.


We’ve had a great time playing and appreciating their games of the past so wanted to give kudos. We hope their newest game does incredibly well and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next.



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