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FIB, Sophie Houlden and Ludum Dare 18

We were going to come on here and post a nice time-lapse of a game being made at Ludum Dare 18, and we still are, but first we wanted to give kudos to Sophie Houlden. Creator of not only the best time-lapse video of the competition but also one of the most interesting indie game concepts we’ve seen in a while.

If you don’t already know, the theme for Ludum Dare 18 is ‘enemies as weapons’ and her interpretation of this is brilliant. The game is called fib, it’s a side scrolling erm… puzzle/insult-em-up? In which your inventory is replaced with the insultory and your only weapon is your enemy. You insult or compliment enemies to get them to do your bidding. We don’t want to spoil anything so we wont say any more, apart from go play it!

We saw Sophie at the World Of Love, where she gave a talk titled ‘computer games are awesome, but you suck because you haven’t made one yet, you lazy bastard.‘ In which we learned some valuable lessons:

1) Anyone can make a game and there are tons of free tools that make this possible

2) Don’t store your presentation on a PSP

During World Of Love we saw some brief clips of Sophie's games including Sarah’s Run and someone else’s talk covered a game she made titled Linear RPG. But did you know she’s also responsible for Dinosaurs didn’t have keyboards…? That game was ace =)

Sophie was also recently featured in Develop with a talk so inde-spiring she even got the front page:

So, kudos to you Sophie Holden, Indie Games Guru extraordinaire! And now as promised here is the time-lapse of Sophie making fib for Ludum Dare 18. Enjoy =)

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