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Mystery meal of the week - Indie game leftovers, YUMMY!

Sometimes you end up with a fridge full of bits and pieces that aren’t big enough to call a meal. So, you wait for them to go a bit green and then mix it all together into what we like to call the mystery meal of the week!

Ingredient 1

Banov has released a demo of his Indie Kombat game, Escape from the Underworld (made in Game Maker), there’s not much to it just yet but it is showing promise. In particular we liked flying and killing!

"the demo is basically over once you’ve gotten the sword, which is worth about 10 minutes of real gameplay. Still, that’s more than enough to see that Andrew Brophy has already lost this battle."

You can download it here!

Ingredient 2

One of the games that really stood out at the Indie Games Arcade this year was Hohokum, there’s no demo but you can now see a video of it in action. And you'll be glad you did because it's all rainbows and happy feelings.


Ingredient 3

RPS are oddballs, they really are…
First an explanation for the rest of us: "To take the piss is an expression meaning to mock, tease, ridicule or scoff. Take the Mickey (or variations) are euphemistic ways of conveying this expression where the word 'piss' may be vulgar. This is most widely used in the United Kingdom."

RPS take the piss out of EA Louse

"I have recently found out I’m to be dismissed in the next round of lay-offs at RPS, as the company once again fires the 'little people' who actually run the site, while the ego of the Big Four grows. So I’ve started this blog, and I’m using the login details I’ve got for RPS until they figure out how to stop me. Like those idiots ever could."

Don’t forget to check out the comments. John Walker of RPS says: "Does anyone know how to remove this?"

Ingredient 4

RPS also take the piss out of IGN with biscuits!

"Inspired by IGN offering free office space to indie devs a few weeks ago, RPS launched a funding program for any struggling indie developers who wanted a helping hand. In summary, we offered to send them a biscuit."

Heat through until warm and serve with a drink of your choice. If you have any thoughts, articles or leftovers, feel free to send them our way!


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