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DIYGamer - in depth at Indie Games Arcade 2010

DIYGamer have posted a great in-depth article about the recent Indie Games Arcade that took place as part of the Eurogamer Expo in London last weekend.

We were at the show ourselves and the article does a fantastic job of explaining each of the games that were there.

"The atmosphere is buzzing around the indie section, and I talked to plenty of people who told me that the Arcade was their favourite part of the whole show. At a time when mainstream gaming is looking rather grey, brown and/or shooty, indie games can feel like quite the breath of fresh air, especially to those who don’t play them often."

Highlighted games include: Gemini Rue, Fractal, Frozen Synapse, Scoregasm and Hohokum.

Check out the article here:


Here's a quick look at some of the games that were on display!

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