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IGN starts an 'Indie Open House'

If you live anywhere near the San Francisco area and need some office space for your Indie team, IGN might be able to lend a hand. They have just launched what they are calling the Indie Open House, where they will be lending office space to a handful of Indie development teams. You can come and go 24 hours a day with no obligation and you keep complete ownership of your game. It’s literally just free space and support. We’ve read the details and don’t see a down-side. So, if space is what you need, you might as well apply. IGN are looking to have all applications in before October 10 2010.

The Indie Open House Program includes:

Free office space at IGN headquarters
• Get 24 hour access to office space at IGN headquarters
• Share ideas with game developers that are in similar stages of development!
• Kitchen and conference room usage
• Free Internet
• Awesome location! A block from the SF Giants ballpark!

Access to IGN experts
• Sit down with an IGN editor of your choice and get feedback about your game while it is still in development
• Periodically distribute demos internally to IGN employees for additional feedback


GameSpy Tech Consulting and Promotion
• Inspire fanatic player loyalty with online features powered by GameSpy's open services platform
• Add Leaderboards, Matchmaking, Deep User Stats, In-Game Commerce and more
• FREE licensing for independent and start-up studios
• FREE consultation from GameSpy Tech Professional Services team to answer questions and brainstorm BIG ideas
• Demo space in GameSpy's booth @ GDC 2011 in San Francisco (service integration required)
• Inclusion on the GameSpy Tech website and in indie title press materials

Digital Distribution
• Advertise your game, run compelling promotional programs and launch pre-order campaigns on Direct2Drive (if applicable)
• Consult with the Direct2Drive team on digital distribution strategies

Demo Days
• Participation in organized demos/showcases for all the residents
• IGN and GameSpy editors will preview and play games
• IGN will extend invitations to game publishers, game retailers, the media and online game distributors as applicable

Leverage the Online Community
• Post dev blogs on MY IGN and get preferential placement on the blog landing page
• Create a video-blog about your development process you can post on IGN video
• Run beta tests by leveraging our large subscriber base at

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