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Kinect was made for indie developers!

Last month, Phil Spencer spilled the beans on Kinect for indie game developers. He didn’t give any specifics but he did seem to hint that it was coming.

When asked if Microsoft planned to open Kinect development up to independent developers, Spencer appeared genuinely excited about the concept. "It was one of the things that was exciting to me, seeing the experiences at TGS that were a little bit out there. You start to feel like you can have people doing really different things, and the platform documentation is there to the point where people can go create a flaming baseball game while somebody else is doing a river rafting game."

That got us wondering what this would mean for the community: a community that’s not afraid to break the rules but more than that, a community which thrives on thinking out of the box and trying new things. It led us to one undeniable conclusion: Kinect for indie developers is going to be awesome!

It’s only a matter of time before some indie developer has us strapping the Kinect camera to our heads!

If Kinect makes it to the indie community, get ready to see some of the strangest and most interesting games, toys and experiments of all time!

"I'm personally hoping that opening up Kinect to indies will result in something akin to what happened on iPhone, where initially everyone was just trying to do me-too console ports with crappy touch screen emulations of joypads, but eventually some really interesting stuff started to appear that actually played to the strengths of the touchscreen interface. I can’t wait to see just what cool new stuff indie developers come up with on Kinect." – Neil Holmes producer for Blitz1UP


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