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Indievision: self publishing on XBLIG

Indie support website IndieVision have a great article about the pros and cons of self publishing through the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

From their article:

"XBLIG is an open channel on the Xbox 360 that allows indie developers to sell their games through the Xbox 360 dash without requiring any platform holder approval. Games developed for XBLIG must be developed in C# using the XNA libraries provided by Microsoft. In order to develop and release on Xbox 360 a Creator's Club membership is required, priced at £65/$99 per year."

The article goes on to discuss a whole range of good, middling and bad points about the service and we'd highly recommend checking it out if you are thinking of 'jumping in' to XBLIG publishing.

Check out the article here:Source.

For more information about XNA development look here:

And if you want to dive right in, you can grab the free version of Microsoft Visual Studio Express C# edition here: - Just make sure to grab the 2008 edition and NOT the 2010 one, as that won't work with XNA Game Studio 3.1

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