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How indie games took on the world (and won)

What makes a game Indie? We stumbled accross a few definitions from
indie developers in an article from posted back in 2009. Being the giving type, we figured we'd share them here.

"I think that when a developer, be it an individual or a team, values design over profit, they produce an indie game. In theory, you could have a team of 50 people create an indie game, but in reality, if a company needs to pay salaries to 50 people they most likely are very careful with budgeting and scheduling and design might need to take a back seat a lot of the time." - Ron Carmel World of Goo

"It just means games made on the cheap. I kind of don’t like that, because many games can come under that definition and not be interesting at all. I’d rather think of indie games as those made through experimentation that tightly focus on a new concept. It seems to work out though, because inexpensive games need to make their mark somehow. It won’t be with hordes of content or amazing polish, so it has to be with new gameplay." Dylan Fitterer Audiosurf


"Well, to me an indie game would be a self funded videogame with a small team of 2-3 people, where the designer(s) have complete control over the project in every aspect. I guess indie gaming would be the scene of people who are into playing those games." - Edmund McMillen Super Meat Boy

"Indie means freedom, pure and simple. It’s the freedom to be your own boss and chart your own course. It’s exhilarating, frankly, to have almost no constraints on you besides the consequences of failure. It’s the freedom the internet provides to cut out the middle man and own the customer yourself. It means that you can take risks that the big developers can’t afford to take. Indie to me means that you grab your surfboard and ride the ‘Long Tail’ as far as it will take you." - Vic Davis Armageddon Empires

What's your definition of


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