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Indie games gaining popularity on Facebook

Inside Social games reported yesterday that Indie games developed for Facebook are gaining momentum. They even go as far as saying that: "These scrappy smaller games are the real trend on Facebook."

"In the social gaming world, whether at a conference or a more informal gathering, it’s not uncommon to hear that small developers are in for trouble. Leading companies like Zynga and Electronic Arts, the common wisdom goes, have too much power and money for independents to be able to put up a fight."

If you include all of the data from large and small games they end up with a trend like this:

After removing games from the 'big five' (Zynga, EA etc) and also removing surprise hits like Baking Life and Millionaire City, they were left with something entirely different:


"How are smaller games by independent developers, which rarely get any attention, doing? As it turns out, this group of smaller games (by smaller developers) is the healthiest of all."

Insane video by decapitatedmime

Ever thought of developing an indie game, publishing it on Facebook and using it to make money or create buzz. If these figures are correct, now could be a good time.


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