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EA Partners looking for Indie developers

It seems that EA Partners are starting to take the Indie Development Community seriously.

We're a little late on this one, but it seems that Jamil Moledina has been making some interesting noises about EA Partners wanting to get seriously into helping Indie developers... and that's got to be a good thing, right?

"There's a difference between getting your game out on your own webpage and seeing if you can generate some word of mouth," Moledina told Ars. "To increase your odds, a publisher can provide a level of marketing and exposure and distribution that definitely puts you in a better position of seeing your game as more of a best-seller and played by more people."

The first couple of games from this new venture -- the awesome Shank and Deathspank -- certainly speak to the level of quality and marketing that EA Partners can bring to bear on behalf of the titles they take on.

Specifics about how they plan to slice up things like profits, the developer's IP and other similar issues seem to be rather thin on the ground, but we're always happy to applaud any company that wants to help promote Indie developers and games, and we reckon this is definitely worth looking at if you have a game in the works.


"We're comfortable enough with the idea that certain developers have been successful in the market to jump in," he said. "In terms of specifics, we may need to talk again after Shank and DeathSpank launch."

Well, so far it seems to be going well on that front for both games.


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