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Indie Kombat needs fighters! Are you developer enough?

Indie Kombat for October is over. The fight between Andrew and Banov was less brutal than we’ve seen in the past. In fact, it looks like one of the contestants has failed to show altogether or at least failed so miserably he dare not show!

Andrew Brophy just couldn't finish (you know Andrew, they have pills for that).

"I kinda sorta fucked up. My entry is now technically unfinished, so Banov wins* by default, I guess. Sorry, yo'."

But as the old saying goes "A game is never finished, only abandoned." So, lets hope Andrew releases his game anyway.

So, it looks like Banov will be the victor.


You can get Banovs completed game, Escape From the Underworld, from Game Jolt here.

Banov "Working on this game for the last month has been a thrill and I am really proud of it. With its release comes an immaculate chorus of 'oh snaps,' raining down from the heavens onto a befuddled, defeated Andrew Brophy. This is victory. This is glory. This is Indie Kombat."

If you’d like to compete in the next round of Indie Kombat, Farbs is over on the TIG Source forums trolling for contestants. So run on over and make your voice heard!


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