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Today we stumbled across a blog post from a self-proclaimed noobie indie developer that made us pause. Green Door Games are developing a game called Swim Fishy Swim for WiiWare but from what we gather things are not going so swimmingly.

"It’s kind of frustrating going from professional to total noob in the indie game crowd. We got our rejection letter from the indie fund earlier last week and I have to say it was a bit of a bummer. We should have expected it but I just had a fantasy that things would go a little like this:

Eagan’s fantasy-land expectations


After several weeks of checking YouTube every 30 minutes to see if someone, anyone on the west coast looked at our video, the reality of being a noobie finally hit:

What reality more/less looks like

It’s kind of like when you’ve got a stack of resumes to go through, and after a while you start throwing out candidates arbitrarily because it’s just not humanly possible to give each of them the time they deserve. 'What? A misspelled word? *Discard Pile*' 'Improper verb conjugation? *Noooo thank you.*' When you’re just one person, you can only stretch yourself so thin.

Of course this gave me time to pause… Wow – am I one of the totally clueless ones? I didn’t expect to be a genius, and certainly not an old hat. I kind of hoped someone would say something like: 'No thanks, but nice effort. Have you thought about changing this or that?'"

The Blitz 1UP team does get stretched pretty thin at times but we’d be happy to give you some advice, Eagan. Just drop us a line.

We setup the Blitz 1UP initiative to help independent developers just like you.

The Oliver Twins started the company out of a back bedroom, so we know what it’s like to be the little guy. Blitz 1UP is our way of giving back. Sometimes this means as a route to market but more often than not, it simply means handing out advice. We are only a small team but we are attached to one of the largest and most stable independent developers in the world. Blitz Games Studios has been around for 20 years and employs over 200 fulltime staff, so we have plenty of experience to draw on.

It’s true that when emailed a scanned napkin with a doodle on it, we may have to simply say: “Sorry, but we think you need to develop your idea a bit further,” but even then we can point you toward engines, tools or documentation that could prove useful.

If you need advice on which platforms to develop for or release on, we can help.

If your game is destined for a single platform or not really ‘selling material’ we’ll tell you straight but we’ll also give advice to help get you where you want to be.

If you have a near-finished game and are looking for a route to market, we may be able to help there as well.

We’re busy, that’s true, but we really are here to help and we will always do our best to find time for a little friendly advice.



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