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First person tower defence game, Sanctum - demo

Indie game developer ‘Coffee Stain studios’ have released an updated demo of their first-person tower defence game ‘Sanctum’. The release is to coincide with their entry in to the Indie Game Challenge.

The original version of the game won a number of awards in 2009/10.

4th place "Best FPS Mod" - Make Something Unreal 2009
4th place "Educational Winners" - Make Something Unreal 2009
Nominated "Best Execution" - Swedish Game Awards 2010

The updated demo has been balanced within an inch of its life and is looking gorgeous.

“Sanctum has taken the best features of first person shooters and tower defence games to create something totally unique. Set in a beautiful science fiction world you take on the role of Skye, an elite soldier sent out to protect her hometown from hordes of mysterious aliens. To facilitate your success you construct defensive structures and upgrade handheld weaponry. Unlike regular tower defence games you are a key part of the resistance!"



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