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Indie developer Brawsome talks business

Andrew Goulding of Brawsome, the developer behind the awesome indie game Jolly Rover, just posted up a couple of lectures that he made while working at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (in Australia).

They contain loads of useful and inspiring material about setting up an indie studio and making a game. We highly recommend you check them out.

"I left a teaching position at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment yesterday, to pursue some iPad game porting contract work. My time at the AIE was pretty great, but ultimately if I get a good chance to be out in the industry trying to make a go of being a game developer then I have to take it.


One cool thing to come out of it was a small series of indie business talks I gave to the final year students there. It's no secret that the Australian games industry is in a tough time of transition at the moment, so students are looking at their options regarding working in the games industry, one of those options being starting an indie studio. While I don't recommend students come straight out and start an indie studio without experience in a bigger studio, if that's your only choice, it's a good idea to try to be as prepared as possible. The AIE has graciously let me share the links to the indie business presentations I prepared on their time. Which you can find here:

Indie Business 101
Indie Business 102

By the way, if anyone wants me to put some words to the presenations, I'd be more than happy to come and speak, please contact me via the contact page."

We had some trouble getting them to open in Firefox so you may want to use Internet Explorer.


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