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Want a career in games? Gamer Camp: Nano

If you'd like to gain experience working under the guidance of industry professionals, Gamer Camp: Nano could be for you!

This one-month course based in Birmingham, UK, will have input from a wide range of industry mentors working on a volunteer, unpaid basis including veterans from Blitz Games Studios, Codemasters and Rare.

The scheme is being led by Guy Wilday, the former Studio Director of SEGA Racing Studio.

Over the month long course you will be developing and potentially publishing a game for the iPhone. There is limited space available for eight programmers and four artists. The course runs from 9am to 5pm, five days per week, between 8 November and 3 December 2010 at NTI Birmingham's city centre facility.

The only drawback we can see is the fairly hefty price tag for the course (£499 + VAT per person), so all this advice and experience won’t come cheap. But if you’ve got some money to burn, and want a leg up towards a career in the business, then this could be quite a good opportunity.

The deadline for applications is 8 October 2010.

Additional info including how to apply and entry requirements can be found below:


"Thank you for joining us Player 1. You have been chosen from the best of the best to complete this vital mission and ensure the future of the entire universe. You'll be sent alone, on a solo mission to eliminate the vast alien hoards. Here's a vastly underpowered handgun to get you started. Good luck dammit!!!"

"Chances are, if you love games you'd also love to make them for a living. There are lots of schemes and courses promising just that these days, but only one; Gamer Camp: Nano, has the industry backing to arm you with the tools you actually need.

What is Gamer Camp: Nano then?

Well, seeing as you asked, it's a 'simulated, real-world training environment' for aspiring games artists (including animators) and programmers, running over the course of a month in Birmingham this winter.

Your team will be given a brief by a mentor from either Blitz Games Studios (Dead to Rights: Retribution), Codemasters (Colin McRae: Dirt) or Rare (Kinect Sports) to create a real iPhone game, followed by skills training, development time and close mentoring from them to build the game to an industry-standard.

At the end of the course, your game will be reviewed by a games journalist, and potentially even published through the iTunes Store.

The scheme is led by former Studio Director at SEGA Racing Studio, Guy Wilday, and managed by NTI Birmingham, part of Birmingham City University.

Cool, how do I take part?

12 lucky people (eight programmers and four artists) will be accepted onto Gamer Camp: Nano, which runs between 9am and 5pm, five days per week, between 8 November and 3 December 2010 at NTI Birmingham's city centre facility.

One of the few training schemes where major studios help you along the way to grabbing a career in the games industry, the course will cost £499 per person to participate.

To apply, please ensure you meet the relevant entry requirements, then apply online.

The deadline for applications is 8 October 2010.

Entry requirements
Programmers need to know C++
Artists need to supply a portfolio, and have a working knowledge of ZBrush,
Creative Suite, or similar software."

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