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Explosionade! Just like Mommy used to make...

It's just like lemonade, but with EXPLOSIONS.

Mommy's Best Games, developer of the awesome Weapon of Choice and Top Ten rated XBLIG shooter Shoot1UP have announced that they're releasing a whole new game to XBLIG by the 25 of September!

All your friends are storming the Horronym Fortress but Colonel Bouche left you to guard the supply depot. Disregarding his stupid orders, you open the depot to find a gigantic, prototype mech!


- INFILTRATE subterranean strongholds manned by cunning bipedal aliens and their mind-blasting hellions!
Recharging MegaNades, and an earth-shaking machine gun rip DESTRUCTIBLE environments to hand-drawn bits!

- Dozens of CHALLENGE-ROOM style gameplay with a zoom function that let's in you close or zooms out to see all the action!

- TWO-PLAYER CO-OP so you can share the alien-stomping, grenade tossing joy!

- ONLINE High Scores to show off your skills!

- Hand-drawn, silky-smooth effect animations just like Mom used to make! (If your mom was SNK)

More screens!

* Due to the review system for XBLIG it's not possible to know exactly when a game will release - but this week is a good bet. If not this week, then probably next week .

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