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Location Based Competition

Got a great idea for a location based game? Fancy getting 10,000 Euros to develop it further?

Future Position X and Locamotive AB, in association with Nordic Game Program, have announced an international contest for the best Location Based Game Concept.

"Games are, as we all know, fun things that generate high values and reach broad groups of people.Therefore we have decided to nurture and cultivate innovation and set the wheels in motion on making LB games take off. We want to bring out the best of the best from game studios and bedroom developers, students and professionals."

According to their website:

"A location based game can use geographical position or positioning techniques as a feature in the game design or as a part of the game play. Any theme, story or genre will do. Any graphic or imagery will help. The game could be built around indoor positioning or around mapping up the world. As long as position and location is the main feature of the game concept."

The contest ends on November 5th, 2010 and the winner will be announced November 17th. The first prize of 10 000 EUR must be used for developing the game.


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