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Not Enough Indie Competitions?

Indie development competitions seem to be the new hotness right now - everyone and their mothers seem to be running them.

Well, just in case you've only managed to enter your latest masterpiece into five or six competitions this year here's another one that you can consider!

The Intel sponsored 'The Game Creators' competition is aimed at games for netbooks and all entries need to be written in DarkBASIC Professional or Dark GDK.

"Netbooks are companion PCs. They are not just smaller laptops. They are more casual, entertainment and mobile computing devices than PCs. Netbooks allow people to quickly complete computing tasks or relax and enjoy connecting with friends and colleagues while taking a break from 'work' computing. Screens and keyboards are smaller, and track-pads or touch input replace mouse controls. This contest will recognize games that are best suited for the netbook usage model."

There are four categories and there will be one winner in the best all around game category and three winners from the other categories.

- Best all around netbook game
- Best graphics for a netbook
- Best game play for netbook
- Standout game element

More information here:

Usual disclaimers apply of course.

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