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Size Doesn't Matter, It's How You Use It.

On August 17th a number of indie game developers got together and agreed to blog about a single topic “Size Doesn’t Matter”. We’ve compiled together some highlights as well as links to the developer’s full posts.

"Firstly, it would be insane to judge movies or books the same way. Andrew Marrs ‘The History of Modern Britain’ weighs in at 602 pages for £8.99, whereas Malcom Gladwells ‘tipping point’ is an all-too short disappointing gameplay experience at just 259 pages for £7.99, representing far worse gameplay for your gaming cash. Sounds totally bonkers doesn’t it?"


"If my experience of the game was lackluster, playing it is a waste of my time regardless of whether it cost $1/hr or $10/hr. On the other end of that spectrum, Portal would have been a worthwhile experience for me even at $100."


"Gamers seem to praise games for being addicting, but doesn’t that feel a bit like Stockholm syndrome? If you spend 20 hours playing a game, but the good parts could have been condensed into 3, then didn’t you just waste 17 hours?"


"It pains me to see great games criticized for being too short or not having a lower price point. In a world where everything surrounding us is constantly vying for our attention, time is a premium, and filling it up with mediocre experiences, a waste."


Indie game developers talk about how the length of a game is or is not important:

Ron Carmel of 2DBoy
Jonathan Blow
Jamie Cheng of Klei Entertainment
Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games
Matt Gilgenbach of 24 Caret Games
Noel Llopis
Cliff Harris of Positech Games
Martin Pichlmair of Broken Rules
Scott Macmillan of Macguffin Games
Peter Jones of Retro Affect
Lau Korsgaard
Eitan Glinert of Fire Hose Games
Chris Hecker
Jeffrey Rosen of Wolfire
Greg Wohlwend
Michael Todd
Alex Amsel of Tuna
Anthony Flack
Steve Swink of Enemy Airship
Rob Jagnow of Lazy 8 Studios
Jamie Fristrom
Sean Murray
Chris DeLeon

Size Doesn’t Matter Day, organized by Jamie Cheng from Klei.

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