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Games for Netbooks Competition

Intel has teamed up with the Game Creators to bring you the Games for Netbooks Competition. Games must be created in Dark Basic. Also entries must be submitted by the 3rd of October.

Information on submitting your demo can be found here.

You don't need to own Dark Basic Professional or Dark GDK to enter this competition. The Game Creators have a FREE versions of both DarkBASIC Professioanl and Dark GDK.

A dedicated forum is also available - view the Games for Netbooks Competition forum. Here you will be able to discuss the competition, keep up to date with news and share what you are doing.

All entries are eligible to win in multiple categories.

Prizes include:

Best all around netbook game

1st Prize: An all expenses paid vacation worth up to $5,000

In the categories Best graphics for a netbook, Best game play for netbook and Standout Game Element

1st Prize: US $1,000, visibility and recognition via a feature in the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Community and Campaign as well as the TGC community

2nd Prize: An Intel® Atom™ processor based netbook, visibility & recognition via a feature in the Intel Atom Developer Program Community as well as the TGC community

3rd Prize: Visibility & recognition via a feature in the Intel Atom Developer Program Community

What they are looking for

*Relax modes - game play option that is not tied to a clock or requires race to finish a task

*Social Integration - Allowing you to share or post your achievements, score as a status update to your social networks

*Uncluttered - reduced screen size means the game should be a clean uncluttered experience - without a lot of text, dialogue boxes or windows to distract from the game experience

*Fun - Netbooks are fun & social devices - make the game interesting and fun, goal should be for someone to show their friend what just happened on the screen

*Relatable - Games do not have to be complex, they could be as simple as virtually flipping a coin as long as it's a relatable activity that has replay value

*Location aware - Netbooks travel with you, are taken on vacation, and on road trips. Integrate location awareness to maximize the experience

*Simplified Controls - There's no mouse or joystick on a netbook. Trackpads are small, keyboards tend to be crowded, and screen real estate is precious. Good netbook games take this into consideration and design the game for simple inputs from the trackpad


The full rules are available here but we’ve taken a snippet out of the most interesting bits.
14. Game Apps must be created with either DarkBASIC Professional or Dark GDK.
15. Game Apps can be a maximum size of 250MB in their compressed state
16. Game Apps must not include an 'installer' of any kind.
17. Game Apps should be submitted archived in the .ZIP format.
18. Game Apps must be submitted compiled (final EXE version) with all required media
19. Game Apps must run at 1024 x 600 resolution (Netbook res).
20. You agree to make the game source code available for review should we request it.
21. You are allowed to use any DarkBASIC Professional or Dark GDK plug-ins (DLLs).
22. Any and all assets, artwork and materials must be the property of the author; use of proprietary third-party intellectual property including copyrighted or trademarked materials is prohibited, unless prior written permission can be supplied.
23. Entrants may submit entries at any time after first entry date and can update existing entries at any time until the final submission.
24. Entrants may submit multiple entries, but may only win one prize.

And most importantly – you keep the IP!
33. TGC does not, unless we agree this with you, claim any rights of ownership in your Entry. As such, you retain ownership of your Entry and, although TGC will be able to use Entries as set out in the Rules, you will also have the right to use your Entry in any way you choose.

Now get out there and make some netbook games. I’d wish you luck but you don’t need it. You’ve got skills.


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