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Times almost up – kick start this Indie game

Axelo, Inc. an indie games developer from Austin Texas is working on a very cool indie puzzle game called Purify Puzzle but they need your help to finish it!

“Purify Puzzle is more than just our first title. It's a chance for friends to work together on a video game... Primarily, we're concerned with having enough money on hand to make sure our team members get to eat... We hope that the independent, punk rock attitude can become a pervasive force for creativity in the video game industry.”

About the game:

“In Purify Puzzle, you play as the good witch Ashley. Ashley's world has been invaded by evil spirits and she takes it upon herself to use her magic to purify the land. She is joined on her journey first by rebellious Maximillian, son of the king of Netherworld, sent by his father to help reclaim these lost and dark spirits. The pair is then attacked by Saber, a holy Knight of the Cross, who mistakes them for evil spirits. Ashley and Maximillian calm her down, and then the trio set out across the land. Eventually, Ashley's magic banishes the evil spirits, purifying the land of their bedevilment. The trio part as friends.

Players will control Ashley through 30 single player levels, and several other effectively endless gameplay modes as well as local vs and online play.”

Head on over to and make a donation. Fight the good fight for indie games everywhere! Also, be sure to check out their interview over on

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