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So you need a typeface? (Free fonts & font tools!)

Julian Hansen, a graphic design student from Denmark has created a flowchart that manages to both amuse and educate all at the same time.

Sometimes it's hard to get the right font for your game. If we had a shiny gold coin for every game demo we've seen that uses Comic Sans for it's typeface... well, we'd have about five gold coins. Do you really want to risk being the sixth?

"So you need a typeface is an alternative way on how to choose fonts (or just be inspired) for a specific project, not just by browsing through the pages of FontBook. The list is (very loosely) based on the top 50 of the 'Die 100 besten schriften'."

Use this handy chart to decide the best font for your needs.

Full Size version: infographiclarge_v2.png

Check out the original here: Source - where you can also buy the chart in poster form.

Free Font Tools

FontForge - Open source font editor. Really powerful and feature rich for a free tool, but the UI is archaic and it's UNIX based, so it's not always straightforward to install. Definitely worth looking at.

Free Font Renamer - Renames font files to match the actual internal font name. So if you have the file "ARLBLK.ttf" for a font called "Arial Black", this software will rename the file to "Arial Black.ttf". It can work on whole folders and subfolders. Highly recommended!

The Font Thing - Old but functional font viewer.

What The Font? - Really like the look of a font but don't know what it is? You can use this site to upload small images and discover what font is being used. Awesome.

Free Fonts

For lots of free fonts you might also want to take a look at:

Just remember to always check the EULA on any font you use to make sure it really is free though!

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