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Gamesbrief have a great article covering the panel that Johnny Minkley (of Eurogamer TV fame) hosted at Develop Brighton.

The article has a bunch of advice for people trying to get their projects into the eager hands of the press. We'll cover the first four points here, and if you're still reading after that, you can hit up the source for the rest.

1. Send assets
Editors and journalists hate chasing assets. If you speak to a journalist, send assets. Every time.

2. Send high quality assets
Sending rubbish assets is bad. Make them good quality, send a range of them (especially to a print magazine).

3 Do what you say you’re going to do
If you promise to do something (especially if it’s “I’ll get back to you”), do it.

4. Don’t lie
There is no upside to lying in the long run. Tell the truth. Hyperbole is OK though.

Read the rest at the source!

As always, we can't stress enough the importance of great PR when it goes to making your game a success! You can build the greatest game ever, but if nobody knows about it you simply aren't going to shift any copies...

You can read the full article here: Source

For further advice, you'd not go far wrong by taking a gander at Kieron Gillen’s talk on How to Use and Abuse the Games Press.

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