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DRM: The Programmers View

I stumbled across a great article on terminally incoherent over the weekend all about the 'evils' of Digital Rights Management from the prospective of a programmer:

"I make my living as a software developer, and this confuses people when they hear me bashing DRM. They are perplexed by the fact that someone who writes software may be so vehemently opposed to copyright protection tools."

He makes some really good points about why DRM systems are doomed to failure and how they negatively affect legitimate users.

Obviously, DRM is something of a hot topic around here, we've recently been looking at the systems we and our indie developer friends use for the titles we sell through Blitz1UP and we're always looking at ways to improve what we do and we've recently taken the decision to create our own simple DRM solution for many of the same reasons that are outlined in this article.

It's well worth a read for indie developers and indie fans alike - Read the full article here.

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