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Dare 2010 winner Sculpty FREE on iPad app store now!

Dare to be Digital winner and Bafta 'Ones to Watch' nominee "Sculpty" is now available from the Apple iPad App Store for FREE! We don't think it gets better than that! What are you waiting for?

The game is a novel twist on traditional platform puzzlers and makes extensive use of the multi-touch capabilities of the iPad to create a unique gameplay experience.

As a player you must squeeze, squash, pull, and stretch your onscreen counterpart into five different shapes, each with their own unique properties, in order to escape from Ooja-Ooja.

Movement is achieved by pressing on the character's body and dragging or flicking in the direction you want him to travel. The controls make the absolute most of the multi-touch iPad screen and turn this into an incredibly tactile experience, with arm flailing a-plenty. Tap two fingers on the screen to turn the squishy hero into a slippery fast rectangle, four fingers placed on the screen turn him into a heavy cube, three fingers make him a floaty triangle and five fingers turn him back into his normal blobby bouncy circular self.

The game cleverly combines these different character states together with environmental challenges and a cool physics engine to create a fantastic little game.


Here's a video grab of the version of Sculpty from last year's Dare Protoplay event to give you a taster:

You can grab the game for free your iPad at the apple store now!

The game was developed from scratch during the 10 weeks of the competition by Team Tickle, a team of 5 students from the University of Abertay.

Dare to be Digital is a video games development competition that runs each year at the University of Abertay, Dundee. It's open to teams of 5 students (usually a mix of artists, programmers and audio) from around the world. The teams live on site for 10 weeks and have that time to develop a prototype video game. They receive daily support and weekly training sessions from industry specialists from companies across the UK.

At the end of the competition, the prototypes are displayed at a special event in Edinburgh, Dare ProtoPlay, alongside the Edinburgh Interactive Festival in August. The general public as well as industry experts get to play and vote for the games. Prizes are then awarded to the winning teams at a special awards ceremony in a whole range of categories from the "Turner Broadcasting Adult Swim Award" to the publicly voted "Dare ProtoPlay Audience Award".

The three top games from the show are put through to the BAFTA Video Games Awards to compete for the coveted "Ones to Watch Award" which will be presented early in 2011.

For those interested in taking part in the next Dare to be Digital competition entry is now open here:

And here's a video to check that tells you all about the competition:


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