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Maratis Open Source Engine - 8 years in the making!

Maratis is a new open source engine that uses simple but powerful LUA scripting, and also allows direct access to the C++ core.

It is described as a simple and visual game development tool designed for artists and developers. It boasts cross-platform compatibility with PC, MAC and iPhone but could be extended to be used on virtually any platform you want!

It is the work of line developer Anaël Seghezzi. He's spent the last 8 years working on the engine, with the latest version (3.01) being the first release candidate. He's not stopping here though - he already has a whole slew of extra features planned for the next versions!


Here's a breakdown of the main features:

- Editor-based environment
- Light and powerful engine (MCore + MEngine), portable, both previous and next generation (fixed pipeline and shader-based pipeline)
- Per pixel lightning, custom shaders (glsl), normal map, dynamic shadows, animated meshs…
- Multilayered uv maps (custom multitexture, baked light map, etc)
- Bullet physics, 3D sound, Font system (can load TTF)
- Standard image and sound format (TGA, JPG, PNG, WAV, AIF, OGG…)
- Lua scripting language
- C++ SDK

For the editor itself:

- Simple and intuitive editor, what you see is what you get
- Plugin system (dll for windows, dylib for mac)
- Scene and objects edition
- Undo / Redo system
- Play testing (play the game inside the editor)
- Very powerful Behavior System
- Project managment with dynamic Game plugin (each project loads its own Game.dll)
- Automatic asset updating (for meshes, textures, shaders, sounds, etc.)
- Powerful mesh format with animation (materials, textures, shaders, armatures)

And the engine:

- Simple and clear C++ code
- Used as the Editor SDK
- Virtual contexts and loaders (graphics, sounds, file formats)
- Virtual Renderer System (Editor integrate MFixedRenderer and MStandardRenderer by default)
- Data management (static and dynamic)
- Virtual game class system (to focuse on game code or to customize the game pipeline)
- and more…

You can get more details and download the full SDK and source at the official website over here:


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