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Don't Lose Perspective have a great write-up detailing SuperMono Studios boss Tak Fung's talk at World Of Love.

"The fact I stopped [full-time employment] to do this gave me the urgency to succeed," he claimed at the World Of Love conference in London last week. "That was my big decision. I had to do this or go down in flames."

"It's so much work – it's not just the art, it's not just the code, it's all the little things that require polish."


"What I found out was doing the iPhone game was definitely easiest. There's so little barriers, you don't have to talk to people about the [terms and conditions] and everything like that."

"The last thing that got MiniSquadron to become a success is the PR. I knew if I did not tell people about the game it did not matter how good it was; if you did not tell them they would not buy it."

Tak also developed the awesome iphone game 'Epic Win':

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And check out SuperMono's awesome games here:


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