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Tiny Tim’s Tremendous Tank – Free for a limited time on PC

Tiny Tim and his Tremendous Tank is an awesome physics-based action platform shooter that allows you to destroy and splatter anything that moves. For a limited time, Lighthouse Game Studio, the developers behind this little gem, are offering the full PC version for free! Get it here.

We tried the game and really dug it. It’s a bit like Excitebike in a tank, only you get to blow a hole in everything that moves. Satisfying? Oh, very much so. Some great visuals as well, the paper trees in the background are an especially unusual but striking touch.


We liked the game so much we sent a few questions to the developers, check out what they had to say below:

Tell us a bit about yourself
"Lighthouse Games Studio is a team of just two guys that develop games primarily for Xbox Live Indie Games, our team consist of Neil Jones who does all the art, and myself Edward Dennekamp, I do all of the coding.

We have been making games for almost 2 years now and both quit our jobs just over a year ago to write games full time."

What have you previously developed? How did that go?
"We have developed the following titles for the Xbox360: Fireplace, myFishtank, Avatar Rockets, myChristmas, Avatar Cannon, Avatar Onslaught, Super Tricky, and our latest game Tiny Tim's Tremendous Tank.

Most of our games have done extremely well; ones that stand out are myFishtank, myChristmas and Avatar Onslaught. All our games are featured here."

What was your inspiration for Tiny Tim’s Tremendous Tank?
"To be honest we were playing around with Farseer Physics engine samples and one of the samples has a basic tank type tread in it, and we both thought it would be super cool to try use that for a tank. We quickly created a game and story around the tank and 2 months later it was available on the Xbox360 for download."

How many people worked on the game?
"Both Neil and myself."

What tools did you use?
"XNA 3.1 and Visual Studio 2008, I also wrote a level editor for the game to speed up development, and we used the Farseer Physics Engine 3 for the physics."

Why offer the PC version for free?
"To get more exposure for our games and also to get more feedback, if it goes well then we may start making more PC games in the future."

What’s your top tip for new indie developers?
"Start small and keep it simple."

Remember to check out Tiny Tim’s Tremendous Tank and check out the developer’s blog to leave feedback and comments on the game.


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