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Bad Science, good game - play it for free!

EEW Gross! Scabs? Wounds and, oh god, I’m gonna be sick… Bad Science is an indie game that was developed over ten months by students at the University of Really Gross Things (also known as Queensland University of Technology) in Brisbane, Australia.

In the game you try to block up wounds by using different kinds of bacteria. The game plays a little like a Tower Defence game but one in which you are the attacker. Combine bacteria to make uber bacteria and try to find a way past the swarm of… well, I’m not even gonna say what those look like.


Bad Science was developed in XNA using the FlatRedBall engine; it has been released under a creative commons license and you can get it here for free.

"'Bad Science' is a heavily stylized and scientifically incorrect game in which you control a swarm of bacteria fighting for survival against a hoard of malevolent viruses.

By combining your different coloured bacteria into blobs you can create powerful reactions that destroy viruses and stem the viral invasion by plugging up all of the wounds!"

Unlock levels, new viruses and Achievements along the way.



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