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SOLIPSKIER developer talks cold hard numbers

Solipskier developer mikengreg dish the details on the revenue generated by the game during its first two months on sale.

The game is a neat take on skiing where you paint the slopes that the little skier er.. skis on. Various markers at the right edge of the screen indicate the heights of incoming gates, tunnels, walls and other obstacles and the trick is to keep your little guy going fast and getting great air for points.

Performing tricks is a simple case of releasing the mouse button - unfortunately that also stops you drawing the floor, so you gotta start drawing again before your woolly-hatted companion plummets to his doom.

There are some neat tips 'n' tricks on how to generate sales presented here, with some great insights as to what coverage on just a few key websites can do to help your game really fly. The game was released on both iPhone/iPad and free on Flash (generating ad revenue) on the same day.


They are planning to release an Android version of Solipskier soon. It will be interesting to see what sort of numbers the game generates on Google's platform.


You can play the game now on Kongregate:

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