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Download indie game 'Magnesian' - PineApple Fish Studios

Magnesian is an indie game made by a group of developers and students from Brisbane, Australia. They call themselves PineApple Fish which while being a very cool group of indie developers is also a real fish (we looked it up).

Magnesian is an ingenious side-on platformer in which you use magnetism to change the polarity of objects and push, pull and surf on blocks to make your way through the levels. The art style is superb and the mechanics are definitely worth checking out, though as the game is still being developed, they can be a little clunky at times. Still, the game holds plenty of fun and the developers say it will be getting regular updates, so any minor niggles should be worked out in the long run.

"it’s finally ready!... We will be releasing continual updates as we continue to work on the game… We will keep you updated!"


"Many of the puzzles in the game are designed so that you can solve them any way you want, and it's all about experimentation. Box surfing is a legit way of solving things if that’s how you want to go about it, although the fun is in trying different methods. (You should try riding the gear through the whole thing haha). It was intended that puzzles were open and more sandbox."

Magnesian was developed using the Unreal Development Kit, you can grab the 305mb download here!

If you havn’t played a UDK game before, after it's installed you’ll want to browse to:

"C:\UDK\Magnesian by pineAppleFish\Binaries\"

And double click “UDK.exe” to run the game.

The game has a pretty hefty install but it’s worth the wait so hang in there.

The game contains four modes:

Main Game:
This is pretty much placeholder. The story mode is still work in progress so contains only a single level. It’s hoped that this will develop into a full campaign, in which you take control of the robot RP-1 and traverse through a storyline as you make your way across the city of Magnesia.

Short levels that explain the basic mechanics and advanced techniques in the game. We suggest you play these first.

Delivery Challenge:
In which you are challenged to take a magnetic ball to the end of the level.

Gauntlet Challenge:
In which you must race through a series of security systems and avoid getting killed.

Once you're in the game you can play it using a controller or a keyboard and mouse.

Keyboard & Mouse Controls:

Move Left - A
Move Right - D
Jump - W or Space
Crouch - S

Equip Charge Beam - E
Equip Switch Beam - Q
Toggle Beams - 1

When Charge Beam is equipped:
Left Mouse - Fire negative energy
Right Mouse - Fire positive energy

When Switch Beam is equipped:
Left Mouse - Fire switch projectile
Right Mouse - N/A
Pause Menu - Esc
Full Screen - Windows key + Up Arrow

We found the game a bit easier if we zoomed out a bit; you can control the camera’s zoom level with the middle mouse. However, it sounds like this will be fixed in a future update.

We hope you enjoy this early build of Magnesian as much as we did. We can’t wait to see how the game develops!

Source: pineapplefishstudios.comindieDB


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