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An In depth look at the IndieCade 2010 Winners (Part 1)

Indiecade is over for another year and the winners have all been announced. We thought it would be good to take a closer look at them for ourselves.

We're going to cover three or four of the fantastic line up of indie games in depth each day this week, starting today with the winners of the Gameplay Innovation Award, the Amazing Award, the Sound Award and the Words and Story Award.

Gameplay Innovation Award

Continuity builds on classic platform games of yore but mixes it up with a simple sliding tile puzzle to create something totally unique. You have to control both movement of your character and the sliding of the tiles that make up the level in order to get from one side of the map to another. What starts off as an easy but fun little game gets difficult really fast!

Continuity was developed by Elias Holmlid, Dmitri Kurteanu, Guy Lima Jr., and Stefan Mikaelsson who are all studying the Interaction Design masters programme at Chalmers University of Technology/Göteborgs Universitet.

Continuity is a free to play browser game and is available here: Continuity

Amazing Award
Miegakure is a platform game in which you have to explore the 4th dimension in order to solve puzzles.

The game explores the consequences of being able to move in four spatial dimensions. It plays like a regular three-dimensional platformer, but at the press of a button one of the dimensions is exchanged with the fourth dimension, allowing for four-dimensional movement. Sounds confusing right? Maybe you should watch the video:

The game isn't out yet - there isn't even a publicly available demo - but we have to admit that it does look pretty damn amazing. We'll be sure to have an update on our site as soon as they do publish something!

You check out the game's official website here: Miegakure


Sound Award

The winner in this category was Copenhagen based Playdead's amazing game LIMBO, which was directed by Arnt Jensen. Unfortunately it's only available on Xbox Live Arcade, so you can't actually play it right now. However, you can check out their amazing teaser trailer!

You can add it to your Xbox360 download queue here: LIMBO
Or check out the game's website here: LIMBO Website

World and Story Award
The Games of Nonchalance

Nochalance present themselves as a hybrid arts consultancy. Based in San Francisco they have an expertise in Situational Design and their mission statement is to "provoke discovery through visceral experiences and pervasive play". If you think that this sounds a little bit off the beaten track you'd be right! The game is set in the REAL San Francisco, so you're going to need to hop a plane for this one unless you happen to live in the bay area. Check out the trailer:

The game is described on their own website as “…an urban interactive narrative set in San Francisco. Think of it as a way to discover a new side of the city, while being absorbed in an epic fantasy”. Four episodes of interactive content lead players on a journey through San Francisco where they discover the threads of a narrative woven into the city's past and present. Four complete episodes of their re-playable content run every day. Definitely different but we think it sounds awesome and we'll be booking our place next time we're in the area.

Check out their website here: nonchalance

That's all for today - Check back tomorrow for the next batch!


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