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Take to the skies in indie game Pirates of New Horizons

Indie studio ‘Exit Strategy Entertainment’ has released a prototype of their game ‘Pirates of New Horizons’. The prototype was created using UNITY and developed to run on PC, MAC and in your browser. It is intended to weigh the community’s interest and to see if it’s worth developing the game further. We may be jaded by our affection toward pirate games but we had to give the game a resounding ‘yes please’. We would love to see this make its way to a full release!

In Pirates of New Horizons you play the part of a young girl who is kidnapped and forced into a life of deck swabbing aboard - what else - a pirate ship (In space!). Years later, while you're cleaning scum off of its hulls, the ship comes under attack. The pirates are captured, leaving you with a ship all your own! Defend your vessel with cannons, platform your way through islands in the sky; buy merchandise, grapple your way through the island of lava, rob, pillage and plunder at every opportunity!

Click the link to play the game either as a download (PC/Mac) or in your browser. Make sure to click the ‘Take Survey’ button when you’re finished to give the guys some feedback and let them know that you want to see this game made!

"We are extremely happy to release the prototype of 'Pirates of New Horizons' to the public. Thanks to all of you who have supported us thus far and a swashbucklin’ welcome to everyone who discovered this game five seconds ago. We hope you’ll enjoy the prototype and even if you don’t: we LOVE to hear your feedback! Tell us your opinion preferably by filling out the questionnaire that you will find when you exit the game. Remember: the results of this survey will heavily influence our decision on the development of a full 'Pirates of New Horizons' game. Head right to the download section and download the stand-alone version or play the game in your browser! Happy looting!"

The game can be played with keyboard and mouse or with an Xbox 360 controller but it is recommended that you use the controller if you have one. If you don't have a controller, here are the PC controls:

Watch the game in action:



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