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Sean Murray touches on indie game development

Gamasutra posted an interesting interview with indie developer Sean Murray of Hello Games, the studio behind Joe Danger. The article is brief but covers some interesting topics such as: whether Joe Danger will be ported to other platforms (XBLA, PC) and the benefits of being hands on with the community.

"It’s lonely being an independent developer… It’s pretty much impossible for the four of us not to be touching some part of our bodies at all times."

After many months of hard work, remortgaging homes and nearly losing it all in the quest to make the perfect game; Joe Danger was finally self published on the PlayStation Network. It quickly gained critical acclaim and financial success, paying back the team’s losses on the first day!

And it looks like they’re hiring:

"Making a console game with four people is incredibly difficult, and it's also totally prohibitive to a lot of the ambitious ideas we really want to explore. We are always going to have a small team mentality, and make games that are very personal to us. I guess we're four friends, but we wouldn't mind having some more friends to work with and steal new ideas from.

"We're definitely looking for new, fresh, enthusiastic people, that kind of fits with our mentality. What we've actually found is that it's mostly graduates and junior people we're interviewing. A lot of the people in the established industry seem to get pretty jaded, pretty quickly. That probably wouldn't fit in that well with us."



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