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Augmented reality developer challenge - win $125,000

Did you ever want to make an augmented reality game? Now could be a good time. Qualcomm are offering prizes of up to $125,000 for the best augmented reality games, educational apps, media and marketing tools, instructional manuals.

All you have to do to be eligible is use their SDK and enter. Applications will be accepted some time in November.


Qualcomm is on a mission to help developers build fun, useful, exciting AR apps. That is why we're hosting the first ever Augmented Reality Developer Challenge with $200,000 in total prize money. Games, educational apps, media and marketing tools, instructional manuals. You're only limited by the scope of your imagination (though you must of course use the Qualcomm AR SDK to build the app).

The AR Challenge is now open and you can submit applications starting in November 2010.

* First Place - US $125,000
* Second Place - US $50,000
* Third Place - US $25,000

* October 4, 2010: Augmented Reality SDK available for download.
* November 15, 2010: Site for submission of entries opens.
* January 7, 2011: Site for submissions closes and judging begins.
* February 7, 2011: Winners selected by judges.
* February 14, 2011: Winners publicly announced.

Rules and Eligibility
The AR Challenge requires that the Qualcomm AR SDK be used for the detection and tracking components of your app, but there are no other restrictions on other tools that you can use.
View detailed rules, eligibility criteria, and other applicable requirements and conditions for the AR Challenge.'


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